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US Army’s Website Hacked By The Syrian Electronic Army

The US Army website was marred by the SEA's latest political hacking campaign.

US Army

President Obama recently stated yesterday that America needs to beef up its cybersecurity as soon as possible because these cyber attacks weren’t going to stop unless we defend ourselves. A few hours after Obama’s G7 Summit statement in Germany, the US Army‘s website was hacked and defaced by the Syrian government’s digital supporters. These hackers have also linked themselves to the Syrian Electronic Army.

US ArmyThe hacked version of the US Army’s website routed visitors to a Syrian regime support page. The military reports that their internal databases were not compromised in any way and that there’s no classified or personal data that was at risk. And even though their website is back up and running, the US Army’s cyberdefense efforts really show why our nation needs cybersecurity to defend us from those “unseen” terrorists.