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Samsung Galaxy Phones To Read Palms For Security


With mobile security interests being the popular trend since the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8/Note 8 devices and the popular iPhone X, it’s safe to say that mobile biometrics are here to stay. Sure biometrics have been in PCs since the support of fingerprint scanners in them. But no one can downplay the general public’s adoption of these security measures. Nearly every smartphone by now has a fingerprint scanner, some are now implementing iris and face scanning and soon our voices and hands will be next as we continue to improve our technology.

Samsung is one of the leaders in the tech industry and when it comes to biometrics or security, their past tells you that they don’t shy away from it at all. And now we have news that they have explored a new system that can use the Galaxy devices rear cameras to scan your palms and observe the lines on your skin. Instead of checking your palms for unlocking something or giving access to something, this newly published patent (document down below) will instead display clever hints on your palm to display hints for you to remember your passwords.

Now some may ask, Why is Samsung focused on a technology that displays characters on your palms so you can remember your passwords? Simple. Have you ever had a time where you’ve forgotten a password to something important but when you go through the steps to recover it or to get hints it’s either far too complex or just doesn’t help? For instance, your security questions are old as dirt, or if you have two-factor verification (or two-step verification) the devices (or phone numbers) that you have attached to your account are long gone, these can cause massive migraines for many of us. This new alternative that Samsung is adding just might help ease our stress.

SamsungPalm reading is also very secure. Unlike security questions and passwords, Samsung wants to make sure that no one can guess your password with the palm scan. Samsung plans on taking this a bit further with goals to enforce their palm reading technology to sense depths in your hands or the lines so no one can simply use a photo of your hand. But what if they actually get a hold of your hands (for those sneaky friends of ours) Samsung’s new patent ensures that the password hints that will display on our palms won’t be so easy that they can figure it out.

So whats the ETA for this technology you may ask? Definitely not anytime soon. Since this is just a patent filing, don’t expect it with the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ or any other 2018 devices. It’s a brilliant concept and will be greatly beneficial for Samsung device owners who avoid passwords as much a possible. Overall this is great news from Samsung as they continue pushing the limits of technology.