‘The End of the F***king World’ Airs On Netflix


Netflix breaks in the new year with a new graphic novel, Charles Forsman’s The End of the F***king World. This isn’t the 1st time that Netflix has adopted graphic novels as a Netflix has built its foundation on comic books and graphic novels.

As soon as you watch the trailer you’ll notice quickly that this title isn’t necessarily family or work friendly even though it could appeal to teens and young adults. The End of the F***king World is about two teens, James the psychopath and Alyssa the rebel. They become acquaintances that have very different motives. As in the trailer, these two go on a road trip on a search for a new life. Because James is a self-admitted maniac, he has ambitions to kill Alyssa, making her his first victim. But his plans get deterred as he spends more time with her and eventually he develops feelings for her. The core of the novel is the different adventures they go on together and how they comically handle each one.

Netflix teamed up with E4 from the UK and their partnership means that The End of the F***king World will hopefully provide us with several seasons. You have to give them credit though, a show like this doesn’t always do well with the typical Netflix audience. But if they can follow the novel and keep our interests, it could be a potential hit series.

‘The End of the F***king World’ premieres this week on January 5th.