Final Frontier Medical Devices team has developed a DxtER, a new tricorder sensor that can diagnose up to 34 various health conditions. It can do this by integrating its learnings from clinical emergency medicine with data analysis from actual patients. DxtER uses an Apple iPad-based system that weighs under 5 pounds with sensors to collect data about your vital signs, your body chemistry, and your biological functions.

The DxtER system can be used at home and it walks you through each process to show you how to diagnose yourself, and observe the analyzed data from the noninvasive sensors. Some of the tests you can take help detect things like counting glucose, hemoglobin, and white-blood cells (finger cuff), urinary tract infections, diabetes, stroke, sleep apnea, tuberculosis, and pneumonia.

DxtERFinal Frontier Medical Devices create their DxtER units with 3D printer technology. They’ve even managed to gain support from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, who gladly offered regulatory guidance to the team to prepare for a possible FDA review.

If anything DxtER is a sign of the future, a time where we might not have to rush to the hospitals anymore for something thats not immediately urgent or non life threatening. We’ll be able to diagnose ourselves at home and even save some insurance money on hospital bills and excessive checkups. With inventions like this Final Frontier Medical Devices might make that a quick reality for many of us. Check out the two videos in the video playlist below.

*If you manage to get your hands on DxtER or any future prototype, do keep in mind that the moment you find evidence of infection or an alarming analysis, that you do visit your local doctor, clinic or hospital.*