NBA 2K18

Yesterday 2K Sports showcased the new special “Legend Edition” covers for the new NBA 2K18 and Shaq makes a bold return by gracing both covers. The Legend Edition showcases “Superman” in the Miami Heat uniform while the Legend Edition Gold features the “Dunkman” in his regal, Los Angeles Lakers uniform where he won three NBA championships.

NBA 2K18The Legend Edition of NBA 2K18 sells for $100 and it comes with a bunch of in-game bonuses: 100,000 in VC ($25 worth), 20 total MyTeam Packs, Shaq Attaq shoes, Shaq jerseys and apparel, and a championship ring.

Also, there are some physical perks for purchasing the boxed version of NBA 2K18 Legend Edition: Shaq MyTeam stickers, Shaq trading cards, and Shaq poster.

If you spare $50 more you can pick up the Legend Edition Gold version of NBA 2K18  for $150 and you’ll receive plenty more bonuses, both digitally and physically: 250,000 VC ($62.50 worth), all digital items from the Legend Edition, 20 additional MyTeam Packs, and Shaq’s in-game jersey collection.

Inside the boxed NBA 2K18 Legend Edition Gold game will be extra physical perks like the Shaq trading cards and a cool Lenticular cover.

To get the physical items you must get the boxed copy of the game, if you purchase it via digital download for your console or PC you’ll only get the digital items.

If you don’t want to shell out $100 or more for NBA 2K18 you can always pick up the regular version for the regular $60 price tag. 2K Sports will still give you some pre-order bonuses such as 5,000 VC ($2 worth), 10 MyTeam Packs (one per week) and undefined MyPlayer apparel. Plus you’ll receive the game 4 days earlier than the general public will. No word on who will don the cover of the standard edition of NBA 2K18 yet but we should find out soon (perhaps Russell Westbrook &/or James Harden?).

September 19th is the official release date and it will be available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC consoles. If you want to pre-order the digital version you’ll have to get it from Amazon.

NBA 2K18 Early Tip-Off Edition

NBA 2K18

Or you can wait if you’re an Amazon Prime member and purchase the physical copies and Amazon will take off 20% off of either edition you purchase. Those prices will be $48, $80 and $120 respectively.