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Xbox One Gamers May Get Button Remapping Soon

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Console gamers tend to be the pickiest when it comes to their preferred console’s controller’s button layouts. Often we will go to a game’s settings and spend nearly 30 minutes (sometimes even up to an hour) just to make sure that we can get the maximum experience with our next-gen games. Currently, this button remapping configuration was only available to just the PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One Elite controller. And while the Xbox One’s standard controller lacks this ability, Microsoft’s Director of Program Management, Mike Ybarra lets gamers know via twitter that all Xbox controllers will be able to change button functions on the fly. Xbox One gamers won’t even have to buy the fancy $150 Xbox One Elite controller, unless they want extra features and bragging rights. It’s expected that this feature may also come along with the new Xbox 360 compatibility feature that will be arriving sometime next month (November 2015).


If you need a standard Microsoft Xbox One Controller to replace your damaged one, or just to add to your collection (for multiplayer games), then hit up Office Depot/Office Max while they have these on sale now. It’s expected that once Microsoft adds new support for their controllers, retailers will be upcharging their prices on the standard controllers (which are currently around $50-$75). If you act now you can actually save a few bucks before this happens.

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