Dyson is one of those brands that can wow anyone with their beautiful, functional appliances. With the new bladeless fan heaters like the AM09, users can choose the temps and the air coverage space for premium comfort. Even though the price point may seem a bit much, do understand that the Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool is very high-end with it’s new-age design, plenty of features and a remote control which makes the Dyson AM09 perfect for the holiday season and during the upcoming winter.


The Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool air multiplier proudly showcases its style and high-quality presence. Not only is it appealing on the eyes, but it’s well constructed and has a much cleaner look, compared to the previous model. And because it’s a Dyson, you can obviously notice that there are no fast-spinning blades or visible heating elements. The AM09 will automatically turn off if accidentally tipped over, which makes this appliance both child safe and pet-friendly. Even after blasting your room all day with the heater, the AM09’s body remains comfortable to touch, you can even move it to another space easily without having any discomfort at all.


Our model was silver & black with a soft-touch, matte finish. The small, ergonomic remote attaches to the top of the fan heater with a magnet. This makes the remote easier to store and it can make up for the lack of onboard controls. The Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool air multiplier stands about 23.4 inches tall, weighs 5.9 lbs and doesn’t take up much space, either on the floor, table or counter top. The base tilts and oscillates, which allows you to direct the airflow so that it’s comfortable.


The Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool proudly boasts its Jet Focus control tech, which lets you easily switch between the focused mode for long-range powerful airflow, or diffused mode for wide projection. This causes the air to change direction as it travels over a surface. By using two aperture rings to regulate how wide and how long-ranged the direction of air gets generated. To switch between both modes all you have to do is use the remote control to easily pick and choose the airflow pattern. The Dyson AM09 even has a small LED on the base so that you know the temps, airflow range and power. Jet Focus mode is great for those severely heated summers and brutal winters, having the ability to focus the air specifically on you or the family makes a huge difference at a crucial moment.

The Dyson AM09 isn’t that loud, either. This time, they’ve added a new aerodynamic diffuser which helps tone down the fan noise. Streamlined air channels for reduced airflow turbulence makes the Dyson AM09 one of the quietest air multipliers in the market. But at the same time, if you crack it up to level 10 you will notice some noise but it’s not distracting if you have some audio playing in the background at mid to low level (such as TV’s and Radio).


One thing that I must say is that this fan can quickly get your room to the targeted temps that are set. Depending on the room size, you may need just a few minutes to sink into comfort mode. The fan heater’s thermostat is also very intelligent because it notices the room temp and can shut off or lower the amount of heat that is pumped into one space. And don’t worry much about having overheated or overcooled a room, all you need to do is to switch modes and you’ll immediately notice the effects.


Although the price point of the Dyson AM09 Hot & Cool Air Multiplier is a bit steep, if you can afford to splurge this holiday, you’ll want to keep this appliance on your list. Compared to others it’s stylish, can handle both hot and cool temps, it’s child safe, environmentally aware and will be used all year round. And let’s not forget the remote control and the awesome addition of the Jet Focus feature. I say all of this to say that from the time you open the packaging the AM09 won’t be looking forward to a corner spot in your closet anytime soon. Which makes it the perfect present, either for your home or for others.

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