Sony Playstation

Sony is well-known for hosting the flashiest presentations at their E3 conferences year, after year, and they never fail to wow the crowd and online viewers. This year Sony plans to please the avid Playstation gamer at E3 2015 Experience, with upcoming titles like Uncharted 4 and No Man’s Sky. And even more cross-platform games will join them today, which should continue giving the Sony Playstation an edge over the Microsoft Xbox One as both console giants battle back and forth in their console wars. Sony even wants to promote “Project Morpheus, to get their virtual reality foot in the door of the virtual world. The fact that Sony is showing its interest in VR is no surprise since Microsoft partnered with Oculus last week to get their foot in the VR world as well.

If you have been sticking with us, we’ve just watched the Ubisoft live stream where the gaming company unleashed new games and content for multiple consoles, and I’d expect an even greater event from Sony. Who knows you might actually get a chance to see The Last Guardian as an actual “for-sale” game during this live Sony Experience at E3 2015. Schedules are below with the direct video and extra links. By the way there are rumors that Sony will be hosting this event at movie theaters, I’m pretty sure that if true, those seats are long gone by now (call and check, you might get lucky). Let us know in the comments section if you are at the movies watching this event.

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Starting time: San Francisco: 6:00PM / New York: 9:00PM / London: 2:00AM (June 16th) / Berlin 3:00AM (June 16th) / Moscow: 4:00AM (June 16th) / Beijing: 9:00AM (June 16th) / Tokyo: 10:00AM (June 16th) / Sydney 11:00AM (June 16th).

You can also catch this event on:, your PS3 or PS4 using the Live Events Viewer appYouTubeTwitch, or on the official PlayStation Blog.