These days many of us do lots of online shopping throughout the week. For the most part it’s great but there are cases where you just don’t have the time to go shopping for that proper outfit that you need for that major business trip or even for church on Mother’s Day and you don’t want to wait a week  for that order, Nordstrom now supports store pickups.

Now of course you still have to leave your house for the pickup, but at least you won’t have to waste your precious lunch hour shopping for a proper outfit. Nordstrom is trying a new service method that lets paying customers come by and pick up their internet order while staying in the car. All you have to do is call them inside (or text) when you’re near the shop, and a staff member will wait for you outside. So far several of Nordstrom chains have implemented this option, with attempts to save you time during your hectic (or free) schedule. Now you can officially say goodbye to parking spot hunting while in a busy district part of town. No word on fees or charges for this option yet but you can expect a surcharge to be totaled with the checkout.