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Ann Makosinski Flashlight is Powered Solely by The Heat of a Human Hand (Video)


Most teenagers have their fingers glued to their smartphone screen, but this 15-year-old, Ann Makosinski, is busy inventing a flashlight powered by the holder’s body heat. Ann Makosinski is a high school junior from Victoria, British Columbia, among 15 finalists for the Google Science Fair who will travel to Mountain View, California for a prize ceremony to be held this September.

The flashlight by Ann Makosinski is powered solely by the heat of a human hand, she created the device with the idea of Peltier tiles, which produce electricity when one side of the tile is heated while the other side is cooled. Combing the tiles with some circuits, transformers, LED, and share determination, her invention came to life, leading her closer to the $50,000 grand prize and a trip to the Galapagos Islands. The flashlight doesn’t require batteries, and they cost $26 to build, but Ann Makosinski thinks the flashlights can be made for even cheaper when mass-produced. Watch the video after the break as she explains the process of building the flashlight.




Source: YouTube