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IKEA Smart Blinds Are Now Available To Order Online From $129


Due to the pandemic, so many store outlets are closed down and IKEA isn’t left out. Before now, some of the company’s connected devices couldn’t be accessed online. Some shoppers on Reddit and reports from 9to5Mac noticed that IKEA has started selling its FYRTUR smart blinds online in the US. IKEA’s FYRTUR smart blinds were initially limited to in-person customers. The FYRTUR smart blinds start at $129 for a 23×76 3/4” blind and scale up to $179 if you need a 48×76 3/4” model. Those interested in getting their hands one will need the $35 TRADFRI gateway to take advantage of Alexa, Google Assistant or HomeKit.

For those that missed the IKEA FYRTUR smart blind launch, its a smart blackout blind that runs wirelessly on battery. Apart from being able to control the blind via IKEA’s app or your personal voice assistant, the blind can also be manually adjusted. Some of its features include waking you up to natural light in the morning or wind down at night.

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