Retro Receiver

Since the NES is making one heck of a comeback this year, several players have opted out for the wireless experience on their system. Usually, you’ll find one that does offer the wireless gaming that you’d like while playing Super Mario 3 or Legend of Zelda but often times the controllers are too stiff or are nothing like the originals. What if you can change that? Analogue and 8Bitdo says you can plus you will have the ability to use more than one type of controller that fits your hand’s comfort level while playing (or you can take it back and reminisce with the original NES controller). All of these controllers in the gallery below are completely wireless and the work with the new Retro Receiver.

Retro ReceiverRetro Receiver even uses the modern gamepad controllers with the classic Nintendo console. So no worries if you don’t want to use an older peripheral from 8Bitdo. The Retro Reciever is available now for just $20 in the US. Not bad for playing retro games with a new wireless experience. I think the next step would be to stream your gameplay live, talk about a great time.