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New Update Bricks Your Wink Hub (Fix or Replace)


The Wink Hub $50 device sold at Home Depot that helps you link your connected home appliance to your phone just received a bad update batch. Yesterdays Wink hub update was so bad a number of user can’t connect to their Wink servers “so secure that it is unable to connect to the Wink servers” that’s how Wink puts it. The Wink hubs have been offline from 12:40PM to 11PM ET yesterday, at the moment, “majority” of the Wink hubs are fixed while those that aren’t will be sent in for repairs.


Wink sent out emails to affected owners asking them to send back their Wink hubs and for wait for their replacement units. Wink is offering a $50 store voucher codes for owners within 24 hours of submitting a return from (owners should call 844-WINK-APP for service). On Wink’s status page, the company admitted that the problem was an avoidable misconfiguration in a security feature implemented in “the early days”. The company is pulling all Wink devices from store shelves too, which mean that local stores will not have inventory “for some time.”

UPDATE: Wink release a fix to help Wink hub users fix their, follow this link to see the post.