OnHub Router

Sick of having to deal with Wi-Fi connectivity issues when watching movies at home? Then Google has solved the answer to your internet woes. OnHub is the newest router from the search engine giant that guarantees you a fast, strong & clear WiFi connection. Google even added ease of use to their new router by adding an app that makes managing their new OnHub router, simple and effortless.

Inside the OnHub Router cylindrical tower, you’ll have 4GB of storage space (basically for updates) and 13 powerful antennas (six 2.4GHz, six 5GHz and one to monitor connection congestion). Google has also reported that OnHub will provide steady WiFi speeds up to 1900 Mbps. The OnHub Router has already collaborated with TP-Link, and Google plans to add more partners later on this year (such as an ASUS model).

The OnHub app will be available on both iOS and Android within a few weeks from now. You’ll be able to control the OnHub Router as well as prioritize your connected devices for faster streaming and connection speeds.

Google’s OnHub Router will go for about $200 (you can pre-order now from several supported retailers). You can expect the full release within a few weeks. Exterior colors will only come in black and blue, and it is removable.

For more press photos, you can check out the photo gallery over at The Verge for more.