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New Cree LED Bulb Is A $15 Affordable Smart Bulb


Are you trying to get in to the connected home space but don’t know where to start? The affordable Connected Cree LED Bulb might be a good starting point. If you know a thing or two about smart bulbs, you’d know they’re typically expensive — Cree just introduced a new 60-watt replacement smart bulb option for just $15 and it’s available now at Home Depot. The Cree LED comes with standard features that allows you dim, brighten or programmable to switch on at a specific time through the accompanying iOS and Android app. The new Connected Cree LED Bulb is shatterproof, and lasts up to 25,000 hours of usage. You’ll need a Wink or a ZigBee hub ecosystem if you don’t already own one to get your new Connected Cree LED Bulb to work and play along with other connected devices in your smart-home. With the new Cree LED Bulb price range and cool features, you don’t have any reason not to own a smart-bulb this 2015.