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Coca Cola Teams Up With Will-i-am For The Ekocycle Cube 3D Printer


There are so many models of 3D printers affordable and available these days, to add to the list; Coca-Cola and 3D printer manufacturer 3D Systems just introduced the Ekocycle Cube 3D printer. The Ekocycle Cube 3D printer is eco-friendly, uses post-consumer plastic to create a variety of designs.


Ekocycle Cube 3D printer-2


The printer’s design is based on the Cube 3 3D Systems,  and can form materials in a 6 x 6 x 6-inch cube, with a 70 micron resolution all from recycled plastics. Users get a $5 credit for returning cartridges after use. The Ekocycle Cube 3D printer owners can buy the filament in black, red, white and “natural” colors, there are no words on how much they’d cost. The printer ships with designs for rings, guitar picks and phone cases, etc, it’s expected to retail for $1,200 when it launches later this year. With its eco-friendly features, star power from Will.i.am, backing from Coca-Cola and experience from 3D systems, the Ekocycle Cube 3D printer just made its mark in the attempt at make 3D-printing a bit greener. Enjoy the video after the break.


Via: Electronista

Source: Ekocycle Cube (Cubify)


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