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Cool LEGO Paper Plane Folding Machine (Video)


I Personally think there is nothing you just can’t build with a LEGO, this LEGO motorized machine folds and launches paper airplanes! It was created by a YouTube user  “Hknssn” with the LEGO Mindstorms NXT, the automated paper plane folding LEGO machine has its own compressor. The video speed is about three times faster the normal.
It is 150cm long and 40cm wide.

Material V2.0:
2x NXT
5x NXT Servo motors
4x NXT Color sensors
3x NXT Touch sensors
1x Touch sensor multiplexor
1x NXT accelerometer sensor
1x NXT Infared Link sensor
5x Normal Power function motors
5x XL Powerfunction motors
4x IR recievers
5x Batteriboxes
about 6000-7000 lego pieces


courtesy of Hknssn via Youtube and ImageShack