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Bose Has A DIY Speaker Cube To Help Kids Learn About Sound


Bose just launched a new product ‘Speaker Cube” you normally won’t expect from the company, it’s more like an educational product for kids. The BoseBuild Speaker Cube is a build-it-yourself Bluetooth speaker encouraging kids eight years old and older (and adults) to put together their own speaker, learning about just what makes a speaker a speaker in the process.

The BoseBuild Speaker Cube is part of the company’s newly minted BoseBuild education — solely aimed to teach young kids about the science of sound. The BoseBuild speaker comes with a coil, magnet, the speaker diaphragm and cone, the circuit board, a power supply and side panels. Bose didn’t just give the kid friendly speaker the lego treatment, they also labeled the circuit board to teach the young ones the components that went into making it. Since the speaker has a variety of colored lights and Bluetooth capable, the speaker pairs easily with smartphones or tablets. Speaker Cube is currently available for $149, see the source link below for more info.