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Review: MOCAheart Keeps Your Heart’s Vital Signs At Your Fingertips


MOCAheart is a $149 small heart health tracker that comes with a companion app that scans algorithms to measure blood flow and velocity as a way to assess you blood pressure, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels. The tiny device takes things a step further by converting the information gathered during the thumb scan into a Moca index scale that gives the user a snapshot of their overall cardiovascular health. I’ll pardon you if this is your first time reading about MOCACARE’s MOCAheart device. The heart health tracker had a successful Kickstarter campaign in which it raised $120,000+, and the idea for the device was to provide non-professionals with an easy way to track and interpret health trends over time by means of an interactive system.


The MOCAheart device comes in a simple and nice package that contains your documentation, a thank you note or your purchase, a short micro-USB cable and your MOCAheart tracking device.

The Design

The MOCAheart is a heart rate monitor and a pulse oximeter in a convenient little package. The device is about 2.75” long and weighs less than one ounce. The front of the device is crafted with medical-grade stainless steel, while the back cover is made of plastic. A micro-USB port is found on the side of the heart monitor which is used for charging the MOCAheart. You can get a full charge in about an hour, and the battery lasts for three days if three to five measurements are taken each day. An optical sensor with an infrared and visible light source and an electrode plate can be found on the front of the unit. The on/off button is on top  next to the optical sensor.


Out of the box, the MOCAheart unit is very simple to setup and pair with it’s matching app running on a tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Once you press the on button a red LED lights up indicating that it’s powered on. MOCAheart seamlessly pairs with the matching app, the device is now ready to start tracking your vital signs, all you have to do is place one thumb over the sensor and the other pressed against the flat metal part.

MOCAheart-1020211The App

Like I stated above, the app is available for both Android and iOS users. The app recognizes when the device is activated and readings are being captured. The app also instructs you on how to place your thumb or notifies you when you’ve got it all wrong. When the app starts tracking your stats, the app displays a countdown timer that makes sure you complete the entire reading from which the average heartbeat and blood oxygen saturation is measured.

Once complete, the app displays the results, which are essentially the heart rate and blood oxygenation, as well as the “MOCA INDEX.” This index scale gives the user a snapshot of their overall cardiovascular health, essentially telling you if you’re OK or that something is not quite right.

Apart from the Measure menu for pairing and tracking your stats, the app also has the Activity section for adding contacts of friends and family, and also a Trend section that documents the results of all portions of the user’s measurements in a simple to read day to day chart or weekly and monthly trends as well.

The Verdict

The MOCAheart monitor accurately reads your heart rate and blood oxygen levels better than most smartwatch or smartphone. The device is for those who are looking to improve their heart health, including the elderly. Its ease of use eliminates the need for strapping yourself into a blood pressure cuff every day. The small form factor of the MOCAheart tracker allows you to slip it into a keychain holder or attached to a specially designed case. As for the price, I see it this way — you are paying for a heart rate monitor and pulse oximeter in one package and simplicity of using the device compared to older devices that do the same thing.

The product was sent to us for review, all views are ours.