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Instagram Is Testing Support For Multiple Accounts On Android

Image Credit: Android Police

If you happen to own multiple Instagram accounts for your business and personal use, then you know what it feels like to manage both accounts on the same phone. The Instagram team is working on an update that will introduce  multiple account support on Android. As reported by Android Police, you can gain access to the new beta feature on Google’s mobile OS by joining the Instagram beta program or by downloading the latest APK from APK Mirror. For us, we followed the said process but we still didn’t get the new feature yet, which means it could very well require a behind-the-scenes server side flip in order for the feature to go live on your device. I’d still advise you to sideload the new 7.12.0 version and hang in there till the option appears. You can access this feature in the latest APK by going into your settings, scroll down till you see the new option “Add Account”, after adding your new account, you’ll now be able to switch between accounts by tapping the drop-down menu on your profile name. We’ve added a video from Droid Life to walk you through the new Instagram multiple account feature.