Last year, we saw some outstanding connected car technology projects from Jaguar Land Rover like heads-up displays in the windshield and “transparent hood” on cars. Jaguar Land Rover just added another high-tech initiative to their list, the new tech alerts authorities when a car fitted with its sensors finds bumps on the road. It will not only identify pothole or broken drains, the collected data will be uploaded and shared in real-time via the cloud with other vehicles and with road authorities to help them prioritize repairs.

Jaguar Land Rover’s Global Connected Car Director Dr. Mike Bell confirmed that the company has tested the new connected car technology on a Range Rover Evoque modified with sophisticated sensors that “allow the vehicle to profile the road surface under the wheels and identify potholes, raised manholes and broken drain covers. By monitoring the motion of the vehicle and changes in the height of the suspension, the car is able to continuously adjust the vehicle’s suspension characteristics, giving passengers a more comfortable ride over uneven and damaged road surfaces.” The company hopes that in the nearest future, the data collected from these vehicles will be crowdsourced, this will help prevent billions of pounds of vehicle damage and make road repairs more effective. I don’t know if Jaguar Land Rover plans on sharing the technology with other automakers or should we all start saving up for a new ride. See the actual demo video below.