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Comcast Gives Amazon Fire TV Owners Access To HBO Go & Showtime


Most cable companies use streaming services for extra ways to improve their entertainment experiences. Offering shows like HBO was a great thing for Comcast consumers, but many were trying to use their cable subscriptions to view HBO Go and Showtime on their Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV stick, to no avail they were blocked and couldn’t keep up with their favorite shows such as Game of Thrones and others. Comcast has finally come to the rescue and will be providing third-party streaming device support for other brands (like they did with Roku a few months back). They have decided to cooperate with Amazon’s hardware for streaming shows now and now Amazon joins Comcast’s supported networks (over 90 supported networks and 18 devices). Sadly though Sony gamers still have to wait for the cable company to extend a supportive hand, since the PS3 and PS4 aren’t supported as of yet. I’m willing to bet that Comcast will try to make some type of amends with Sony by the end of the year.

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