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Google Chrome Adds Support For Color Blind Users

Google Chrome

Nearly everyone on the planet has their eyes on a digitally colored screen at least once a day. From PCs, to mobile devices, TVs, heck even smartwatches have colorful displays now. While these colors are beautiful to most of us, there are others who just can’t see certain colors, no matter the device. Many of us who have normal sight tend to take our vision for granted, while others who are colorblind miss out on the entire picture (the way it was meant to be experienced). Google has just release a new browser extension for Google Chrome, called Color Enhancer that is specifically made just for colorblind users.

Google ChromeColor Enhancer it helps you overcome partial color blindness by tweaking the various colors in your Google Chrome browser, so that you can easily spot those web objects that you couldn’t see before. The process is pretty simple all you need to do is to install it and walk through a basic calibration setup then the Google Chrome extension does the rest. This extension is free to download in the Google Chrome Web Store. Hopefully this extension will shed more light on other various online tools that can help all types of users, that often go unnoticed.