HTML5 Drum Machine

If you are new to the DJ/Music Production Gig, finding helpful tools that makes it easier for you to perfect your craft while on the go, can not only please your crowd, but they can also keep you in business, especially if your laptop or iPad gets lost, or just doesn’t feel like acting right, just before the show. The HTML5 Drum Machine lets you do just that, but with just a web browser, no drum sticks required.

On the HTML5 Drum Machine website you can choose between famed, iconic instruments like the popular Roland TR-808 and TR-909, even Elektron’s Machinedrum, the LinnDrum and other acoustic kits are available as well. To use you just simply adjust the turning nobs to get that perfect sound your ears are seeking for. The HTML5 Drum Machine lets you also save beat samples for later use, perhaps for your next studio session. When you’re are done tweaking and playing, HTML5 Drum Machine allows you to export track loops as a WAV file that can be put to better use in a fine tuned production app.