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Edifier W830BT Wireless Headphone Review – Packs 95hrs Of Playtime

Photo by Michael John-Anyaehie / TechMyMoney

Once in a while, we all stumble across a good product that’s fairly priced with no gimmicks. The Edifier W830BT wireless stereo headphone fits that criteria and should be added to that list. The headphone does not only sound nice, but it also comes with a whopping 95hrs of listening playtime. Currently, priced at $69.95 on Amazon and highly rated on Amazon Choice, this headphone packs enough juice to last you for a couple of listening sessions.

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Photo by Michael John-Anyaehie / TechMyMoney
Specifications Edifier W830BT
Bluetooth V4.1 + aptX
Chipset CSR8645
Impedance 24Ω
Sensitivity 96db
Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz
Charge Time 4 Hours
Play Time 95 Hours
Standby Time 1500 Hours

Design and Build Quality

In the design department, the Edifier W830BT won’t be winning any awards plainly because of their choice of material. The headphone is made mostly of plastic with the exception of the metal bracket that runs underneath the head strap. Our unit came in black and grey color tones that help boost the headphones appeal and aesthetics.

The headphones come with a 90° swivel ear cup that helps in placing them in the carry case and adds to the overall comfort of the headphone. If you don’t like carrying a case, the W830BT comes with hinges above the earcups. This allows them to be folded in on themselves for compact storage. There are controls on the right earcup, and the charging port is on the left earcup along with the 3.5mm socket for wired use.

Photo by Michael John-Anyaehie / TechMyMoney

Comfort and Fit

The W830BT is comfortable to use for long listening sessions. The clamping force from the metal bracket is not too tight. The headphone is lightweight which basically helps to eliminate the pressure on the top of your head. These ear cans fit perfectly over the ear, and the soft padding around the strap ensures an equal measure of comfort on top. It doesn’t come with ANC, but the plush earpads help in isolating and blocking out moderate outside noise and also prevent noise leaks.

Photo by Michael John-Anyaehie / TechMyMoney

Battery Life and Bluetooth Connectivity

This is where the Edifier W830BT shines, it’s one of the major selling points of the headphone. It offers nearly 95hrs of battery life. The fact that you don’t need to charge this headphone every day got me sold. The W830BT can have 2 devices connected at the same time, they use Bluetooth 4.1 and are AptX compatible. The connectivity range is excellent, it connects up to 10m and I had no issues with audio dropouts. You have your NFC on the left earcup so you can pair with your device with a single wave. This is meant for Android devices only. The left earcup also features the micro USB charging port – covered by a rubber flap – and also the 3.5mm audio jack. The 3.5mm audio jack is helpful if your Edifier W830BT runs out of juice.

Photo by Michael John-Anyaehie / TechMyMoney

Controls and Functions

The Edifier W830BT has a singular control button on the underside of the right earpiece. It’s positioned slightly to the rear in a place that’s ideal to access with your thumb. The center of this button has a raised surface which is easy to locate by touch alone.

On the right earcup of the Edifier W830BT, there’s a LED there, alongside 3 little holes for the microphone, and the main controls. These 3 buttons function as such:

  • Center button
    • Hold to power on
    • Hold a short while to redial last called number
    • Press to play/pause
  • + button
    • Press to increase the volume
    • Hold to go next track
  • – button
    • Press to decrease volume
    • Hold to go previous track

Sound Quality

I’ve spent a couple of weeks with this headphone, mostly trying to drain the battery to see if it would last as advertised. At some point, I had to remind myself that this headphone really cost $70 because its performance was above expectation.

  • Bass

The bass on the W830BT is full, but it’s not overemphasized. There is great depth to the bass, enough to distinguish different instruments and neutral enough not to drown out the rest of the sound.

  • Midrange

The midrange is smooth and fatigue-free, you’ll experience it more over genres which require a detailed midrange.

  • Treble

The treble has some presence and is not completely drowned out.

  • Separation and Soundstage

Instrument separation is average, enough to distinguish different instruments. The soundstage of the Edifier W830BT is pretty much alright too.


If you are in the market for an affordable, quality Bluetooth headphone, you just can’t go wrong with the Edifier W830BT. It’s perfect for the daily or longer commutes, thanks to its outstanding battery life. The mere fact that pricier headphones that cost four times its amount can’t boast of longer playtimes gives it a Tech My Money approval badge.