Home electric appliances aren’t too exciting to talk about these days, but LG has an idea that may leave you intrigued. LG has just revealed the very first double Door-in-Door Mega-Capacity Refrigerator that carries the model number LPXS34886C, and it is all set to be released this year at CES 2K15.

This latest project by LG could be an award-winning “door-in-door” concept, and if may be what is needed for the home electronics consumers who are going to appear at CES next week.

You can expect the new LG Door-in-Door Mega-Capacity Refrigerator to be ENERGY STAR certified for sure. The beautifully designed yet independent Door-in-Door compartments offer you the “maximum convenience,” excellent organization and easy access, all while maximizing cold air conservation. A simple button press will let you access the right Door-in-Door from the outside, while the left Door-in-Door can be accessed through a trigger on the bottom of the door.

The LG Mega-Capacity Door-in-Doorrefrigerator offers Smart Diagnosis™ which allows call center representatives to quickly diagnose the refrigerator’s problems over the phone. LG’s Smart Diagnosis™ smartphone app even allows homeowners to record and analyze signals from the refrigerator for immediate advice on repair options.

Key specifications include:

  • ■ 34 cubic feet of space
  • ■ Double Door-in-Door
  •  Smart Cooling Plus™
  • ■ Fresh Air Filter
  •  Smart Diagnosis™
  • ■ Contour Glass Finish
  •  Premium LED Interior Lighting
  • ■ EasyLift™ Bins

Visitors to LG’s booth at CES 2015 (Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall #8204) can personally experience LG’s newest home appliances for themselves. There you will be able to see more of what could make you, the envy of your friends and family who come to visit.

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