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Popular Crowdfunding Website Indiegogo Creates Android App


Crowdfunding websites are used for creators and designers to promote their products and attempt to raise money for their campaign. Indiegogo is one of the well-known websites that have already released an Apple iPhone app about 6 months ago and has now developed another mobile app release but this time to Android users.

The official Indiegogo app allows users to be able to reach favorite and recommended topics, apart from being able to explore projects by category and project expiration dates. The app allows you to search for projects that might hold your interests, share projects with family and friends, create and access a personal profile and even access the contributors list to certain projects.

Here is the app description from Google:

Discover new campaigns or keep track of your favorites—anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re interested in the latest wearable devices, new up-and-coming gadgets, or independent films, it’s easier than ever to explore and support your favorite Indiegogo campaigns.

• Discover new campaigns through personalized recommendations
• Follow your favorite campaigns
• Explore campaign perks
• Share specific campaigns with friends

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Source: Indiegogo & Google Play Store