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This Kids Bodyguard Blanket Can Stop A Bullet


An Oklahoma company has developed a Bodyguard Blanket ‘bulletproof blanket’ that will protect students from tornado debris or a 9 mm bullet. The Bodyguard Blanket was inspired by a tragedy where 24 people died at an elementary school that didn’t have a tornado shelter. The Bodyguard Blanket is made by ProTecht, it comes in a 5/16-inch thick rectangle and has backpack-like straps for easy use, to provide the child with another layer of protection. The Bulletproof blanket made out of Dyneema, a super-thick polyethylene that’s meant to be tougher than Kevlar, that allows the kids to put it on, and then duck and cover during a tornado or incidents of gun violence. The bulletproof blankets cost $1,000, and I hope educational institutions may get these blankets their schools. It’s not much to ask for when it comes to the lives of our youngsters who have not layer of protection when crazy gun wielding individuals attack their schools.




Via: The Oklahoman, Yahoo / AP

Source: Bodyguard Blanket