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Livescribe Echo Pro Smartpen Connects To Your PC

Livescribe Echo Pro Smartpen

The new Livescribe Echo Pro Smartpen (8GB) does more than just write on paper. It can record audio and digitize what you write on the special dot paper (also by Livescribe) at the same time. The Livescribe Echo Pro Smartpen can record up to 800 hours of your class lectures or business meetings and can be connected to your Mac or Windows PC via the built-in USB port.

Users can easily sync their notes and recordings in a Livescribe Pencast, which can be managed via PC as well through the company’s Echo Desktop software. Once you have the software running you’ll be able to view your notes and filter through various parts of a recording to pick and choose certain parts to listen to. If interested, the Livescribe Echo Pro Smartpen is priced at $200 and is accessible on their website (US orders only) and on Amazon.

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