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YouTube One Channel, Now Available For Everyone, Lets You Give Your YouTube Channel A Makeover


YouTube One Channel is now available for everyone! So if you have wondered why some YouTube channels look better than your old layout, then worry no more. YouTube One Channel has been in beta testing for a while, the update makes your channel look great, create a better first impression for viewers by letting you create a trailer to capture their attention. Channel owners can now upload nice Channel Art to beautify their top page, it really works with any screen size. Lets not forget that it now gives you the ability to organize your playlists with the aid of the channel home and customizable sections.

So if you want to give your YouTube Channel a makeover then “Check out www.youtube.com/onechannel and click the button at the bottom to get started. We’ll migrate your channel to the new design, and walk you through it. For a limited time, you’ll be able to switch back to the previous design if you like.”Also if you want to see what the new Channels look like before you take the plunge, I just subscribed to MysteryGuitarMan Channel, click on the link a see for your self.

Source: YouTube Creator

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