It is been rumored that Samsung’s Galaxy S8 may have a rear fingerprint scanner instead of an optical one embedded beneath the screen. Here are reasons why we think this idea is very feasible.

Availability of fingerprint scanners

The types of fingerprint scanners available now are buttons either capacitive or requiring a physical push. These are widely as newer technologies include ultrasound sensors from Qualcomm and recently upgraded optical sensor tech from Synaptics. While Synaptics have a very good relationship with Samsung and are currently supplying their scanners to Samsung, the new optical sensors will be available late year making it hard for Samsung to produce masses of Galaxy S8 phones. It may lead to delays in production and shortages at launch. Samsung doesn’t need this especially after their Galaxy Note 7 fiasco.

Iris scanner

One of the biggest arguments to rear fingerprint scanners is this “what if your device is on a table?” question. Answer, there is an iris scanner. A new improved and faster iris scanner is rumored to be on the new Galaxy S8(s). Seeing how well it worked on its Note 7, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have even a faster and better one on the new Galaxy S8. Samsung may throw in lift to wake or tap to wake and maybe even proximity based screen wake up gestures like on its S4 and currently hidden S7 feature.

Marketing and confusion

There’s no denying that marketing is taken very seriously at Samsung. Their flagships are on all TVs around the world on so many channels in many different languages. Marketing a fingerprint scanner placed beneath the display though isn’t easy. The optical sensor Synaptics provides lives below a bottom bezel. Their concept phone’s bottom bezel seems way too large and far from Samsung Galaxy S8 bezelless dream. In case it is used anyways where do I rest my finger to unlock my phone? On the bottom bezel? Where? In the middle, sides or anywhere. Or on the bottom part of the screen? This optical sensor from what we see now with Synaptics is the same as a capacitive fingerprint scanner on Oneplus 3 but without the cutout or indication there is a fingerprint scanner there. The user is just supposed to know. We also aren’t at the level of having whole screen fingerprint scanners yet where placing your finger anywhere on the screen scans and unlocks. Fingerprint scanners have a sensors and not an area. They need to read fingerprints from somewhere. The larger the area the smaller the space for other components. So marketing this wouldn’t be easy as they will need to say where their sensor is and how to unlock.

Bear in mind we haven’t these confirmed yet and Samsung may still upset everyone with a well-hidden secret. Based on these we think, a fingerprint scanner on the rear of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a very feasible idea and rumor.