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6 Reasons To Pick The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Over The Apple iPhone 6s Plus

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Both Apple and Samsung brought their A-game with their two latest phablet offerings – the Apple iPhone 6s Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The two smartphones are already available in the US with their prices varying according to the storage option.

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, the South Korean company changed the design entirely and the S Pen is much more improved now; the Apple iPhone 6s Plus also brought some improvements over the iPhone 6 Plus with the camera improved for the first time in years and the display has also gotten 3D Touch (Force touch).

The decision to choose either the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or the iPhone 6s Plus cannot get any tougher plus we know these brands have loyalists who irrespective to the shortcomings will go ahead and buy these devices. Below are six reasons to pick the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 over the Apple iPhone 6s Plus:

  1. Better Display: The iPhone 6s Plus has a very good display with proper viewing experience despite having a lower resolution to the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. However, the higher resolution on the Galaxy Note 5 and better screen to body ratio makes it a better option.
  2. S Pen: Samsung has shown over subsequent Samsung Galaxy Note models that the S Pen is everything but a useless accessory. The S Pen does several functions including writing, takes notes (even with the screen off) and drawing. It is possible to use 3rd party stylus on the iPhone 6s Plus, but you won’t be getting even half of the features that the S Pen offers on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.
  3. Excellent Camera: This is the first time since the iPhone 4S that Apple has improved the camera on the iPhone; the iPhone 6s Plus boasts of a 12MP iSight camera with OIS and Dual Tone Flash. However, it still has some catching up to do with the 16MP camera on the Galaxy Note 5 which also has OIS but with a larger aperture, captures RAW images amongst others.
  4. RAM: iPhones have had to make do with 1GB of RAM for operations for a while now, but recent teardown suggest the iPhone 6s Plus has 2GB of RAM onboard. However, this is still no match for the 4GB LPDDR4 RAM on the Note 5 which not only allows it run several apps, it also allows users run apps in split screen layout conveniently.
  5. Fast and Wireless Charging: The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has the advantage of both Fast Wired charging and Wireless charging over the iPhone 6s Plus. It is still baffling to know that iPhones don’t support either fast or wireless charging yet. While wireless charging is still described as a gimmick by some, at least fast charging would have been an ideal option.
  6. Samsung Pay: Apple Pay was launched several months before the Samsung Pay (Beta) started rolling out, however, the latter is supported by almost all payment terminals in the US. Combining both MST and NFC technology makes it possible for Samsung Pay to have an edge over Android Pay and Apple Pay because it does not only use NFC unlike them.

The statistics are yet to officially roll-in, but it won’t be surprising if Apple and Samsung each post million of sales for both devices. It is up to you to decide what suits you and which of the millions you want to count in.

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