Uber is at it again, constantly taking their ride service to the next level. This time, Uber wants to specifically target event organizers. We know how it is when you plan those big, important events and the people you just happen to be waiting for end up an hour late or stuck in traffic, probably due to bad timing or planning. Let’s be honest it happens to the best of us. UberEVENTS wants to solve this common issue by giving the power to the event planner, to buy and secure Uber ride passes ahead of time to make sure that their guests and clients can arrive on time. The event organizer places the order and then the guest passes and locations are sent to you via email. From there you send your guests their Uber passes. Attending guest can then input their special, private codes in the Promotions section within the Uber app to hail a ride to their UberEVENTS. This new feature removes the need for all attendees to take their own vehicles, which might be very useful if some folks decide to get drunk at that event (Uber also takes them home).

UberEVENTSUberEVENTS is now available to select persons and Business users in New York City for now. There are plans to make UberEVENTS service widely accessible to the entire state of New York and abroad within a few weeks.