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eBay 4.0 Update Arrives For Mobile Devices

eBay 4.0

eBay has just recently updated its mobile apps to make auctions more popular among the first-time sellers. They’ve added a new dashboard for sellers, and they’ve re-organized the UI by making it quick and easy to sell goods, right from your phone without jumping on the PC and taking time to upload pictures and input details.

Buyers also receive some improvements as well. eBay 4.0 has renovated the start page and shopping channel so that you can quickly track your orders purchases and an activity tracker so that you can view the items that you were just browsing. Navigation has been improved also throughout the entire app. They promise that these upgrades are just the beginning of the brand spreading its influence on the web and mobile.

Download the new eBay 4.0 mobile app for iOS & Android devices

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