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Google Makes Undo Send Feature Official For Gmail On The Web


We’ve all had that one time we sent a wrong email to an undeserving person. Hardcore Gmail users never had that issue, unlike the regular user who never knew Gmail’s experimental “Undo Send” feature was always hidden deep in the Gmail settings since 2009. Wipe that “huh” look off your face, yes you, when you sent your first embarrassing email to the wrong person a simple Google search would have led you to the Gmail Undo Send feature. Anyways, you don’t have to go scouting for the Undo Send feature anymore as it’s now an official part of Gmail on the web. If by now you don’t understand how the Undo Send feature can help you, it lets you retract an email after you hit the send button. The feature is available for Gmail on the web (not coming to mobile yet, but soon!), you need to enable it yourself from the “General” Gmail settings tab as it’s disabled by default. Those of you who already enabled it from Google Labs will have it turned on by default. You can set your cancelation period from 5 to 30 seconds depending on your reflex to detect your mistakes.