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Amazon Echo Can Now Control Wink & Nest

Amazon Echo

Last month, Amazon handed away and SDK for its Amazon Echo Wireless Speaker. Only a select few developers have access to it, but now we have some examples. Jeffrey Bachand, the developer has built some apps for the Amazon Echo, allowing users to command “Alexa” to control their homes smart lights (connected to his Wink hub), and his Nest smart thermostat.

Currently, Amazon hasn’t given developers a way to publish their apps to its Amazon Echo speaker yet but I think this video could prompt them to get that in motion. Amazon added support for Belkin WeMo and Philips Hue devices to the Echo earlier this month, the addition of third-party developers should dramatically increase the number of compatible devices.

Update: Amazon and Wink just announced that this feature is available for everyone. See the recent post on how to connect your Amazon Echo Wireless Speaker to your Wink system.