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Dell XPS 13 Now Has A Linux Version


The almost bezel-less Dell XPS 13 is one of Dell’s best looking laptops. The Dell XPS 13 is not beauty alone, the compact size laptop packs some cool specs that gives it a fast performance. Dell decided to share the love by announcing a Ubuntu-based developer edition of the Dell XPS 13. The laptop comes in different configurations of your choice starting from $949 all the way to $1,849.

Dell’s official blog post states that the plans for developer edition of the XPS 13 have been in plans since they launched it way back in January. “These laptops aren’t necessarily just for developers, as anyone can buy them,” Chris Hoffman noted earlier this year in PCWorld. “But many developers do want high-quality Linux hardware that will work without any hassles, and that’s who Dell is targeting with these laptops.”

When the new XPS 13 launched earlier this year, the logical question was would there be a developer edition of it, as well? That answer was yes, but it took out teams some time to work through a few things to ensure that it would be the best possible experience for those who purchased it. There were issues with the touchpad and a repeating keystroke that took longer to address than we, and others, would have liked, and we thank everyone for their patience and assistance – especially those who contribute to our Project Sputnik forum.Dell