Moto Maker

Motorola has now opened its Moto customization hub for the Moto 360 smartwatch. Moto Maker, now makes your watch looks as classy as it can ever be. With three case finishes (dark metal, light metal or champagne gold), nine different watch band options to choose from (metal or leather) and eleven new watch faces for the Moto 360, is safe to say, Moto treats its customers very, very good.

The inter changeable watch bands are the most interesting out of this new batch to me. The leather bands are more affordable yet they give the Moto 360 a “comfortable” look. And the metal bands are very nice, Moto even has one dubbed the “Mono Link” style. All watch bands come in three different sizes for your wrist comfort.

Go check out the new styles today, you can play around with all of these different styles on Moto Maker ight now.