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GTA 5 Gamer To Build Real Version of Michael’s House

Michael's house is built in the Spanish Renaissance style, which is very popular in Beverly Hills.


All Grand Theft Auto V gamers obviously know that Michael (one of the playable main characters) is a very rich guy, and his pad is by no means “typical.” His house has a huge in-ground pool, a hot-tub, backyard tennis courts, a two-car garage, three huge bedrooms, and has a Spanish Renaissance style design, all together this mansion looks fantastic.

Well one gamer (Paul Boyle) has decided that he would love to be able to recreate Michael’s GTA 5 mansion in real life. He’s so inspired so much so that he has decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the mansion of his dreams. He is asking for a whopping €1,670,000 and given that he has only managed to raise €25. Who knows maybe he will reach that goal or receive some serious backing (Rockstar maybe?).

Paul Boyle told TheLADbible,

“It all started playing the game over christmas with a few drinks, which got me thinking the only way this first person view could be any better is if I actually built the house myself.”

Boyle admits that the what he is asking for is a lot, but he hopes to reach his dream one day, even if the Kickstarter fails to become funded.

His plans include creating the house exactly like the version in the game.

“I find the whole house designed to perfection, the garden itself has to be one of my favourites along with Jimmy’s room and I’d like to recreate the smashed television screen. This is my first project so far, I have a good attention to detail and recreating items, especially something as awesome as this.”

If you too want to see a real life version of Michael’s house in GTA V, go on over to Paul’s Kickstarter page and donate to the dream of gamers worldwide. And for those of us who haven’t seen what Michael’s house looks like, check out the video below and leave us a comment on your thoughts of this swanky pad.