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YouTube Now Lets You Make And Share GIFs From Videos


Every given day, we come in contact funny GIFs of cute pets, funny falls and even movie trailers. Making GIFs these days are pretty simple as there are couples of sites and apps that expedites the process for you. If using a third-party site or app to make your GIFs isn’t just your cup of tea, you’d be glad to know that YouTube’s rolling out the ability to make animated GIFs from videos. The new YouTube GIF  feature is still under wraps, but you could still test it out by clicking Share on any Good Mythical Morning or The Idea Channel videos. With only few steps, you can have your GIF all ready to share with this YouTube feature, all you have to do is click Share, then GIF, and you’ll be given the chance to customize your six seconds clip with options to add the usual top and bottom text seen on most GIFs. You can hit the YouTube Channels above to try it out, let us know what you think.



 VIA: Gizmodo, Twitter (WaxPancake)