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iOS App Of The Week: Two Dots



Just when you thought your addiction couldn’t get any worse, Betawroks One, the creator of Dots: A Game About Connecting came out with a stimulating sequel–Two Dots. This app is currently holding the number 5 spot in free downloads, boasting a 4.5 star user review.

Two Dots is a level-based game that challenges it’s players to reach the highest level possible with only 5 lives at hand. Every time a player loses a life, it takes 20 minutes for that life to regenerate. Players also have the option to purchases lives, along with other power-ups, for just $0.99.

The original Dots challenges players to beat their own high scores through various playing modes including Timed, Moves, Endless and Challenges. Unlike the original version, TwoDots challenges players to beat levels, not scores. Similar to the moves playing mode in Dots, Two Dots gives players a certain number of moves each level in order to beat it. The game currently offers 110 levels for gamers to adventure through with more levels constantly added via updates . The game is essentially endless and nearly surpasses the level of addiction that other games (like Candy Crush) provides.



Source: App Store