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Windows 10 PCs Now Use Voice Command Installs

With little to no typing necessary

Windows 10
Windows PC installs have always remained the same over the past few decades. Usually, you expect to sit through several menus whilst clicking away just so that you can be greeted by the welcoming Windows Desktop (or the login screen pre-Windows 8). Microsoft attempts to make the install process easier by implementing Cortana during the new setup process. With the new Windows 10 Creators Update, you can now opt to speak directly to Cortana for simple things like connecting to your WiFi network, sign-ins to your personal, business or student Microsoft Account. And there are some useful keyboard options as well if voice commands aren’t your thing.

This new feature makes waiting in front of your computer for nearly 30 mins almost unnecessary. Sure if you happen to run a complex setup configuration than Cortana may not be able to be of assistance, but it is a plus for newcomers that are coming over to Windows 10 from Mac & Linux OS. Nearly 400 million devices will receive the new Windows 10 Creators Update, your devices should start receiving that update notification starting April 11th.

Check out Tom Warren’s (of The Verge) video below showcasing one of Cortana’s steps during the setup process.