If you call yourself a true Star Wars fan (or just a fan of classic games) then there is no question at all on whether you have had the chance to play X-Wing or TIE Fighter on your desktop PC (or gaming laptop). Let’s be honest here, these two alone represented the Star Wars series perfectly. With its classic appearance and exciting gameplay, how could you not be a happy fan? Well STEAM plans on cranking that excitement even higher. Valve has now placed the new X-Wing Bundle Series (X-Wing, TIE Fighter, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter and X-Wing Alliance) in their STEAM store, ($8.99 each separately or $26.99 for the bundle) which also comes with expansion packs.

Current owners of X-Wing or TIE Fighter probably paid around $10 each for Windows PC versions (DOS is available as well). But if you get them now from STEAM, not only are they a dollar cheaper each, but if you buy the bundle ($26.99) you can save nearly 10% off of the normal price. But the catch is that yo must hurry and do it by May 7th of this year. Yes I know its very sudden, we don’t want you choosing this over getting your wife/mother a Mother’s Day gift, but then again, it’s Star Wars right? Let’s hope she spares you this year.

steamIf for some reason you aren’t a STEAM gamer or you would prefer looking else where, Good Old Games has announced that they are selling it too. GOG will be adding the Collector’s CD-ROM versions of both X-Wing and TIE Fighter for free, but only if you’ve already paid for those other standard copies.

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