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TuneIn Radio Adds Free Internet Radio For Android Auto

TuneIn Radio Is Now Available In The Car

TuneIn Radio

If you are lucky enough to have the Android Auto experience, with Pioneer head units in your everyday ride, then you’d be ecstatic to hear that TuneIn Radio is now supported as one of the freshest internet radio sources during your daily commutes. The latest version of the TuneIn Radio app supports Android Auto, it lets you play radio stations and audio podcasts as if you were listening to  your built-in XM or Sirrus radio player.

TuneIn Radio

This addition is great because prior to the update, TuneIn Radio fans had to use their mobile phones to listen to their favorite stations or favorite podcast channels. TuneIn wants users to eliminate touching their phones period – by keeping their eyes focused on the road and driving safely, this new update helps you do just that, while enjoying some good tunes or hearing a good conversation.

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