Night Runner 270° Shoe Lights

With smart tech wearables flooding the market now, there isn’t much for active footwear. Wrists and fingers have dominated the wearable industry by far but today we want to introduce: Night Runner 270° Shoe Lights.

The Night Runner 270° Shoe Lights have LED bulbs that are so bright enough that they light up the road ahead of you. With this visual enhancement, you can now walk without worry and without flashing around your smartphone’s camera flash. The lights even include rear red tail lights and can be attached to your existing pair of shoes.

The shoe lights give 270-degrees of visibility (hence the name – Night Runner 270° Shoe Lights), and the red rear lights are for alerting cars or others behind you, and they clip to your existing shoes using an adjustable bracket. They’re water-resistant and able to handle high-impacts. The batteries are rechargeable via a micro USB port, and offer 8 hours of run time when the lights are on low, and half that when they’re on high.

There are three different positions for adjusting the angle of the Night Runner 270° Shoe Lights – they can be pointed down towards the ground, or higher for a better overall viewing range in the dark.

The folks behind the Night Runner 270° Shoe Lights were seeking $35,000 USD in funding on Kickstarter, and they have just exceed that successfully and will move to the next stage in their campaign. For a pair of Night Runner 270° Shoe Lights, the retail price will be $69.95 USD. Shipping is estimated for September of this year.