Samsung Galaxy Note 4 & Samsung Gear VR

Current Samsung Galaxy Note 4 owners are probably impatient at this point, when it comes to updates. Especially because Android 5.0.2 Lollipop has been released for a while now and yet again Samsung is late to the party. This is one of the latest Samsung mainstream devices  to hit the market (also the Note Edge). And Lollipop was released during the same time as the Note 4. But it seems that the Samsung Gear VR (made by Oculus) is pin-pointed as the fault here. We all know that the Gear VR can’t be used by any other device on the market now except the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Not even the newer Note Edge). It seems that Oculus is adjusting the headsets kernel at this moment. So until then all Note 4 users must continue to wait even longer for an update.

I recommend that you pick up a Samsung Gear VR until then or (if you understand the risks) find a stable custom ROM (on XDA forums preferably) until you are able to get the Android Lollipop update.

This news has been reported to us by SamMobiles Editor-In-Chief Faryaab Sheikh: