Everyone who has ever planned a trip/ vacation outside their comfort zone will tell you it’s not as easy as the movies portray it (pack your bags, grab your lover, hop on a plane and ‘Wallah!!’ you’re on an exotic island basking in the sun). Planning for trip, be it for vacation or business, you’ll need a boat load of planning to get yourself and whoever is coming along to and back from your choice destination. Apart from seeking fun things to do in your destination, logical aspects of a trip are not provided by regular travel agents who are in hurry to pocket your hard earn bucks and shove you to ‘God knows where’. This is where Traterra comes in, it helps you put together the best of online planning and booking convenience, with the expertise of personal travel advisors.

Traterra exists to make travel easier at every step of the way. Our Travel Advisors explore the globe in pursuit of the best destinations, attractions and one-of-a-kind experiences.Traterra

Traterra is an online booking portal that lets users construct custom itineraries, you can say it provides the traveler with a more luxurious travel planning experience. Traterra does not only provide you a booking engine for air and hotel, they also offer you the expertise of fellow travelers with personalized recommendations, handcrafted itineraries and robust planning tools. To put it in a short form, using Traterra’s services is like getting a recommendation from a close friend that travels around the world and properly documents their trip with amazing photos, deals and recommendation to places of interest in these location. Vacation season is around the corner, you can watch the new Traterra campaign video or get more information from the source link after the break.



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