Vine is the home for short video clips, let’s be honest: some of those mini clips aren’t children friendly at all. Vine just released a new app just for kids (Vine Kids). Vine Kids features age-appropriate six-second contents that are selected by Vine staffs, giving your child an uninterrupted steady loop of “adorable animated characters.” The Vine Kids app is also easy to navigate for the little ones in your life, they only need to swipe left or right to see new clips or tap on the screen to make characters emit “quirky sounds.”  The UI for the app has an interesting makeover with bright colors that will capture a child’s attention.

The Vine Kids app idea was conceived during hack week, where people at the company worked on new ideas. Kids won’t have access to create their own videos from the Vine Kids app, as the recent blog post from Vine didn’t make mention of the feature. The Vine Kids app is a free download now on iOS platform, we hope to see it come to platforms too. Vine you know Android and Windows OS users have kids too?