LINE Stickers
LINE Stickers

LINE Corporation, known for the free-calling and messaging app LINE, has just announced the release of “LINE Stickers“. LINE Stickers is a new sticker sharing community app for Android and iPhone devices, as a new addition to its brand of apps. Users can tag stickers full with original phrases and share them among each other in the community.

Users can also select their favorite stickers they like and add phrases without the need to purchase the stickers themselves. Posted stickers can be seen by LINE friends and other Stickers users. This allows other users to like the stickers and add comments. Users can add unique phrases to their stickers and post them as the punch-line to a joke, discover newer ways to use stickers from other users, and more, all available with LINE Stickers.

The app will also rank stickers by several likes, it let users view user rankings by total number of received likes, and let users view their favorite stickers on LINE so that they can buy them from the in-app Sticker Shop.

To mark the release of the service, more than 25,000 Creators’ stickers and LINE Character stickers will be available on the Stickers app. This new service will allow users to even more easily discover new stickers, in turn leading to increased awareness of sticker sets designed by sticker creators.

* Sticker numbers differ based on country.

LINE Stickers [Android/iOS]