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2014 BlackBerry Classic Now Up For Preorder


BlackBerry device lovers should be pleased to know that the company is taking pre-orders for the BlackBerry Classic (aka Q20). You can get the device for $450, shipments are expected to start in mid-December. The BlackBerry Classic comes with the familiar design, keyboard and trackpad  seen in the original 2011 version.


The Q20 currently comes in a GSM version, it supports only FD-LTE and HSPA+ US network bands, which simply means that it won’t be compatible with CDMA based networks like (Verizon, Sprint, US Cellular). There are no official specs for the phone yet even with the preorder now live, kinda odd you know. Let us know if you missed the Classic so much that you don’t mind the specs being MIA and still pre-order it.



SOURCE: BlackBerry Shop